Our Services

Our location is ideal for cost-effective project management within and near Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties. Our pricing is highly competitive because we make logistical decisions promptly. Potential project cost savings (materials, labor time, etc.) abound.

General Contractor

At John S. McManus, we undertake your building project with direction from your commissioned architect and their design team. We also work in cooperation with other builders, owners, and design professionals with the goal of delivering your project on time and under budget. We retain a highly-skilled workforce consisting of union-trained superintendents, carpenters, and laborers who work with us in overseeing and executing the tasks required to successfully complete your project.

Construction Management

We work proactively with you and your architect during the early, crucial phases of design. After the design stage is complete, John S. McManus Inc. fully assumes all builder responsibilities. Our involvement at your project’s beginning results in a build-ready, structurally sound design and potential cost-saving solutions prior to construction. By securing subcontractors and ordering materials sooner than most construction timelines typically allow, McManus potentially increases your cost savings.


John S. McManus Inc. provides all of your services as one source, from ideation and design to construction and completion. As the Master Builder, we lead and take full responsibility for all project design, engineering, and construction elements. Following Value Engineering principles, we can assess your project’s design requirements and incorporate all recommended cost-saving measures back into your design.