Crozer CT Suite

- Bids due by noon Friday 2/16. -All onsite labor- Union -Site walkthrough – Tuesday Feb 6- 3pm- meet in main lobby -do not include permit fee Please be advised of the following changes: - Chiller work- the installation of the chiller provided by Siemens is to be included (as shown on drawings). Also, the replacement of the existing chiller is to be included. This chiller will be furnished by others. You can figure one crane pick to do both- same time. -Electrical contractor to include disconnect/reconnect work for additional chiller. - Anyone that needs to see space- contact Ken Rebechi.


Siemens Drawings


Electrical Drawings

Fire Protection Drawing

Plumbing Drawing

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Status: None                        
Due Date: 2018-02-12 09:41:00
Estimator: John S. McManus
Estimator email:
Location: One Medical Center Blvd, Upland, DE 19013
Project Owner: None
Architect: Charles Cross Architecture
Pre bid meeting: None