Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Please send link to subs. We request pricing by 9/28/18. We will follow up with additional information as received from architect. Please advise by return email that you will bid.


Architectural 3/1/19

HVAC 3/1/19

Plumbing 3/1/19

Fire Protection 3/1/19

Construction 2/12/19

Electrical 3/1/19

Structural 3/4/19

Land Development 2/19/19


Invitation to Bid

Architectural Specs 3-5

Specs divisions 21-28

Specs Divisons 31-33


Questions and Answers

Status: None                        
Due Date: 2020-01-22 12:00:00
Estimator: John McManus
Estimator email: jmcmanus@jsmcmanus.com
Location: 2130 Franklin Avenue, Morton, PA 19070
Project Owner: None
Architect: GKO Architects
Pre bid meeting: None